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One of my earliest memories is of sunlight shining on a leaf suspended in a cobweb in a glassless window frame moving to and fro in a soft breeze. There was a feeling of eternity in it and at that time it was the most beautiful thing I had ever seen. In a way, I have spent my life trying to capture that moment in my art.

My happiest time is when I stand in front of a white empty board: the space is full of hope. The images are already there, waiting for me to bring them to life. I can still dream that it will be the best work I have ever painted. I’m perpetually trying to paint and draw something that totally satisfies me, yet I always fall short. Trying to reach that goal is my greatest challenge. I’m inspired by many things. It can be a combination of colors, light, paintings, a beautiful face, colorful patterns, stories, poetry or music.

As an artist I always follow my own instincts. When I sit at my easel and prepare to work, I listen intently to that self within me and follow its every whim. Only by being true to my self may I hope to obtain the qualities of grace, elegance and harmony by which my work gives me the most satisfaction. To me art is all about beauty. I’m driven and inspired by it always. In that one simple word is my whole world.

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