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Many people have asked how my paintings are created. Here is a recent example--a book jacket painting for the novel "Firebird," published by Tor Books.

First, I make a very tight drawing on tissue paper and then transfer it to the painting surface, in this case a gesso panel. I usually make dozens of sketches and different designs. Often this takes weeks of planning.

Here is a detail from the drawing.

The next step is an under painting in watercolor. I chose the "clayboard" gesso panel made by Ampersand Co. because of its ultra smooth, glass like surface.

Here's how it looks when most of the under painting is complete. I use photos, scrap from magazines and reference books as a guide for figure poses and details. That's me in the photos, posing for the main character.

Below is the final under painting. At this point the painting surface is sealed. I sometimes use thinned out Gamvar™, or more often these days Galkyd Light™ painting medium for this step. I have also used Krylon™ Crystal Clear when I painted on Strathmore™ Board. The idea is to seal the painting surface so the oils aren't absorbed into it.

Finally, the oil over painting begins.

Gradually, all of the details are painted in.

More details.

Just about finished

The final painting. 16" X 22" over all.

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