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Craft Partners is the business name of Mahlon & Kinuko Craft.

Graphic Design, Digital Illustration & Image Manipulation and Creative Writing are services Craft Partners offers by Mahlon F. Craft (bio).

This web site and the design of all of Kinuko's fairy tale books are Mahlon's work. Samples appear below.
Please scroll down for more.

This is my first published book as an author. The design of the book is also my work, which included creating many digital design elements, such as the two decorative staffs
on the sides of the text.

The book jacket covers below are digital art created by Mahlon F. Craft, from existing images by Kinuko Y. Craft.
All have as appeared as Book Covers for Simon & Schuster, NY, NY

Midnight Pearls

Scarlet Moon

The Storyteller's Daughter

Sunlight and Shadow

Mahlon is also a fine-arts photographer. Please visit his web site to find out more about his work.

Link to Mahlon Craft's Biography
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At right: Young girl in the Park, Kanazawa, Japan.
Photograph by Mahlon F. Craft, circa 1976

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